Matsubara’s hermitage

Matsubara-an, a quaint reminiscence of an old house, is a famous soba noodle restaurant that always appears in gourmet guides in Kamakura.

In addition to handmade soba noodles, the restaurant offers fresh local fish, Kamakura vegetables, and duck hot pot.
Cold beer, cold sake, and wine are recommended in summer, and hot soba noodles and hot sake in winter.
The terrace is nice, but the second floor as well as the first floor is very cozy.
You may have to wait in line for less than an hour at lunchtime, but it is one of the restaurants I recommend that is worth making a reservation for.

There is also a cafe where you can enjoy coffee and cakes.

From Senze to Matsubara-an: 8 minutes walk

Store name: Matsubara-an

Address] 4-10-3 Yuigahama, Kamakura City, Kanagawa Prefecture

Genres] Soba and a la carte dishes

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