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Suggestions on how to spend your time

What will you enjoy doing with the elegant time you will have staying at Senze?

Enjoy Kamakura

Surrounded by mountains and the sea, Kamakura is rich in nature, and there are many temples and shrines where you can enjoy flowers throughout the four seasons, with splendid scenery during the hydrangea and autumn foliage seasons.
There are many tasty restaurants and long-established stores, so please enjoy strolling around Kamakura while looking for your favorite places.

Enjoying the Mountains of Kamakura

The history of Kamakura is deeply connected with the mountains around Kamakura.
Walk along the ridge path and enjoy the view. Walking along the seven cut-off roads called “Kamakura Shichikuchi,” we will recall the traffic of that time.
The low elevation and gentle courses can be enjoyed by beginners and families.
Enjoy hiking unique to Kamakura in combination with nearby shrines, temples, and other places of interest.

Enjoying Yuigahama

Yuigahama Beach, which is also the venue for the Kamakura Fireworks Festival, is within walking distance.
Sitting on a folding chair on the beach and feeling the breeze is the most luxurious time.
At dusk, the sky is a beautiful color.

Marine sports are also popular, so please enjoy SUP and surfing.

You can also get a great view from the lawn of Kamakura Seaside Park, just before the beach.